Estate PlanningIn Estate Planning we use Trusts, Wills, and Power of Attorneys to let your family and friends know your wishes. We may be able to avoid Probate and reduce the control the government has over your assets.

Probate:  Probate may be needed if no Trust was Created or if no Estate Planning was done.  This is a court proceeding where several appearances before the judge will be needed, and various documents must be filed with the Court.

Trust Administration: Special rules exist when you are the Trustee of a Trust. This office can help you with the process.

Bankruptcy, Chapter 7: This is a true, or complete, bankruptcy where most unsecured debt (credit cards, personal loan, medical, etc.) may be discharged.

Durable Power of Attorney for Assets:   This tells everyone who you want in charge of your money and assets.


Advanced Health Care Directive:  This is a Power of Attorney that lets everyone know what health care choices are important to you, and who will make your health care choices.


Contracts:  This office creates or reviews various contracts on a wide range of topics.

Business Formation: We work with individuals to determine what type of business organization is best for them - Sole Proprietorship, Partnership, Business Trust, LLC, S- Corporation, C-Corporation, or non-Profit Corporation.  

Trusts:  Various Trusts exists, some are revocable and some are irrevocable.  Some are designed to protects the assets of the disabled while others are designed to avoid the time and expense of probate.  We are happy to help you discover the best Trust for your situation.

Bankruptcy, Chapter 13: Chapter 13 is designed to allow individuals to reorganize debt to be more manageable for them.  This is a partial repayment may take up to five years.